Wednesday, June 27, 2012

A Moment

You Ask of Me a Moment
[author unknown]

God of eternity, maker of time,
you ask of me a moment, a pause, a glance.

Yet, I dare not stop to be with you when
I am needed at the front. I must respond
to a frantic world; I have so much to do.

God of silence, bringer of peace,
you ask of me a moment, a stillness, a calm.

But my mind is racing and my heart beats fast
as I tend to the noises that demand my all.

God of the Sabbath, fount of repose,
you ask of me a moment, a respite, a sigh.
Time is of the essence; the day is always
filled. Perhaps when all the work is done
I may take to rest, perchance to pray.

God of love, tender of souls,
you wait for me until I come.

May I pause for you,
take a moment for you.
That’s all you ask of me.

Submitted by Sr. Joan Gripshover, OSB

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

June 20--First Day of Summer

Summer is here!
Children giggle and squeal as they splash one another in the pool.
The yellow-green of spring’s trees has given over to full-leafed, deep green of summer.
Flowers are everywhere.
Bright rainbow colors: red, pink, orange, yellow, green, blue and purple.
They delight the eye.
Their scent perfumes the air.
Backyard cook-outs are the order of the day.
Mouth-watering aromas come from the grill.
What a feast when corn on the cob, homegrown tomatoes and strawberries are added!
Sunlight lasts into the evening.
As dusk settles over the land, a time of quiet peacefulness follows.
Summer offers some free time.
A time to play, renew and relax,
Summer’s gifts are to enjoyed and shared.
Be thankful for summer.
Take time for summer!
                                                               Sr. Kathleen Ryan, OSB

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Celebration of 50 Years

     Last Saturday we celebrated my Jubilee of 50 years of commitment as a Sister of St. Benedict. The event has certainly been a time of rejoicing all around. The gratitude I experience for the love and support of my sisters at St. Walburg Monastery, our Oblates, my own family, and friends at Mother of God Parish and Catholic Charities is so deep and heart felt that it is beyond adequate expression.
     A very meaningful quotation from the Rule of Benedict that was used by our Prioress Sr. Mary Catherine in blessing me is “as we advance in the religious life and in faith, [may] our hearts expand and [may] we run the way of God's commandments with unspeakable sweetness of love.” This text has always been a source of assurance for me when life was easy and when life was difficult, from the time I was in high school and considering entering the convent. The promise it holds has been fulfilled during these five decades and I know to be trustworthy for the future. 
     Sr. Dorothy Schuette, OSB

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Shakespeare Behind Bars

It is with great anticipation that I look forward to next week. Shakespeare Behind Bars, a 17 year old Kentucky organization, composed of inmates of Luther Lucket Correctional Complex in LaGrange, KY, is presenting Romeo and Juliet.
Although a few of our sisters had attended earlier productions, last year’s dramatization of The Merchant in Venice was my first experience of SBB and one I won’t forget. It was as though I had returned to the Shakespearean Era1! I had read or seen many of the bard’s plays but had never seen one with all roles assumed by men as was the case in Shakespeare’s time. As the play progressed, the men became real persons whatever the name, Portia, Jessica—all were excellent in a wonderful performance.
After the play those involved in production came before a most appreciative audience to answer questions of all kinds. Their honesty, humility, camaraderie and concern for one another were evident in their attitude and remarks. It was a lesson in human rehabilitation to everyone. Statistics indicate that Shakespeare Behind Bars has been a blessing to participants and to others as recidivism rate are 67% nationally, 29.5% in Kentucky and 5.4% for those in SBB. Other penal institutions have inquired and perhaps have initiated programs of their own.
It is obvious that I am most anxious to return to LaGrange for Romeo and Juliet. Will the cast be the men we met last year as well as new actors. No matter, it will be another unique and inspirational experience.  Sr. Andrea Collopy, OSB