Thursday, January 3, 2019

A New Year to Go to Jesus through Mary

       I was happy to discover that my blog was due the day after New Year’s Day because it sounded like an easy and quick blog to write. Many associations came to my mind—party, countdown, dropping of the ball, big dinner followed by  a party, midnight, New Year’s eve, ring in the New Year, tradition, and of course resolutions, and lastly an important Holy Day.  I shocked and embarrassed myself that the most meaningful and important association came last. This made all the previous associations fade from my thoughts.
       January 1 is the feast of the Motherhood of Mary, our Holy Mother. Just typing these words astounded me. Mary, Child of the Father, Mother of Jesus, Mother of the Church, whose members are the body of Christ, Mary, mother of us all. How Awesome!
       Mary is also the Queen of heaven, Queen of all the saints, both living and deceased. Now I am overcome with yet another emotion—that I, so sinful, so poor, so ordinary, am a descendant of such royalty including the Holy Spirit who lives and breathes in me and all creation!
       How appropriate that Mary, queen of all saints and Mother of our Savior was chosen by the Church to be celebrated on January 1, the first day of each year, reminding us to honor her above all saints in heaven.
       When we are sad we can find consolation remembering Our Lady of Sorrows who will send comfort to us just as her Son comforted her by giving her John as her son. We likewise can find comfort in sorrow by praying to Mary by a personal prayer to her or by praying some of the beautiful prayers that have been composed in her honor—the Memorare, Hail Holy Queen, the Rosary, Hail Mary or one of your own favorite.
       By reflecting on this feast of Mary, I feel called to pray more often to her throughout the day and to thank God for sharing His Mother with all God’s children.  

                                Sr. Victoria Eisenman, OSB

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  1. Dear Sister thank for this good blog to start the year. There is holiness in the ordinary events of our lives, lived by love in our intention. Dare I say that they share in the holiness of the holy time? It is good to start the year with the Mother of God, the first day of the year. Mary served a most valuable purpose in God's plan by bringing to God millions and millions of souls, guided by her love. Her figure, her meaning. Her work continues in the lifting up of those populations (their descendants) to higher levels of knowledge. Can we understand more highly. Yes, of course Mary symbolizes the church. But there is a more difficult knowledge (which is still good). If I say it is good to be a ------ can we understand how that might be true (even though all our upbringing and teaching goes against it)? Happy New Year in this important year for good friends. One moves to the side and another to the front. God bless them and all good friends, God bless OSB amen.